7th Project Meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Members of the consortium met in Edinburgh, Scotland, for a two-day meeting starting Monday 22nd January, to review the progress of MES-CoBraD. Together, the partners went through the status of the project’s priority tasks and identified bottlenecks, setting a strategy to address each. Following this, workshop sessions were delivered by various partners to maximise progress and best utilise the time spent face-to-face. 

In a key workshop, each medical site was paired with technical partners who provided their expertise to work around challenges and answer specific questions about the MES-CoBraD platform. Using this troubleshooting format meant detailed feedback was provided and meaningful progress was made for all those involved. Elsewhere the group received updates from different work packages, alerting the consortium to upcoming activities and deliverables. 

As our project reaches a pivotal stage, the in-person meeting was of critical importance to prepare for the final steps in developing MES-CoBraD. Emily Adrion, from University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the meeting: “This meeting has been another incredible opportunity to bring together our diverse, interdisciplinary group to work together in person to continue to refine and advance the objectives of the MES-CoBraD project. It's been particularly nice to have been able to host this event at the University of Edinburgh, with its long history of medical and technological innovation.“ 

We would like to thank the University of Edinburgh for hosting the consortium!